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Conversions API and Aggregate Events' Measurement



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The use of the Conversion API and Aggregate Events’ Measurement has become essential for those, who want to continue retargeting, tracking of site’s activities and conversions generated by Facebook and Instagram Ads, and optimize their campaigns to achieve real results.

How do these two instruments work?

How can they be implemented?

What mistakes should be avoided and how can you make sure everything is set up correctly? 

How to explain to superiors/clients what is going on and what big changes are coming?

Find out in this webinar: step by step I guide you to discover these two indispensable tools. I explain how to use them and what will be changed in the methods of tracking and attribution from now on.

With real examples, FAQ and walktroughs.

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  • This is an advanced webinar: considered that you are already familiar with the Ad Management, Pixels, Standard Events, and Conversion Attribution
  • In this webinar I will explain step by step how the Conversion API works and will provide you with all relevant technical links. However, if you want to carry out it manually, you will need a developer to support you with a number of server-side implementations
  • On this webinar we will consider step-by-step implementation of Conversion API for websites: Accomplishment by App is NOT discussed, since it requires special and another type technical activities
  • This webinar is for the professionals in communication, social media managers, and entrepreneurs, who want to understand in practice what the introduction of these new tools means and how to use them: It is NOT a technical webinar for developers



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She is considered to be one of the leading Facebook Marketing experts in Italy. She has thousands of hours of training and millions of euros managed directly or supervised for her clients on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

In 2016, she was certified by Facebook as a Facebook Certified Planning Professional, and in 2020 as a Facebook Certified Buying Professional. Moreover, she is a consultant for AdEspresso and Hootsuite brand worldwide, and the author of “Strategie e tattiche di Facebook Marketing” (ed. Flaccovio, 2015), “Facebook Marketing Plan” (ed. Flaccovio, 2016), that are the best seller of the sector.

Among her clients are: La Stampa, Tradedoubler, Arena Water Instinct, Millionaire, GEDI (ex Gruppo L’Espresso), Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Diego Dalla Palma e molti altri.


and follow the live broadcast and access the registration whenever you want, for as long as you want

59,00 VAT excl.


My courses are designed in detail to give you immediately applicable tools and advice and, above all, to help you to achieve concrete results such as acquisition of contacts, customers and increase in turnover. All the content I offer you is based on years of experience, hundreds of managed campaigns and assisted clients: small, medium and large.

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